20th Anniversary Aboriginal Artwork

RTI has grown substantially over 20 years and the future is looking promising, with offices opening in Brisbane and soon in Chile. As part of our story, we’ve worked with a local Aboriginal Artist to develop an artwork showcasing our journey.

Leah Cummings, a proud Mayi woman from North-Western Queensland, was able to help us tell our story. She finds inspiration in her cultural identity and brings her stories of her country and people into her artwork, creating stunning pieces of colour, strength, love of the land and her people.

For more information on Leah Cummings and her artwork, visit Bunya Designs.

Artwork story

The circle in the middle represents RTI connecting with the region of Mackay and beyond. The lines extending from the middle are the pathways RTI take to ensuring connection with its community. Centered around RTI are meeting places. These are the connectors that RTI use to meet with its clients and community from north, south, east and west.

Each large circle has people from different geographical locations in the Mackay region, the circles pays respect to the different landscapes that the Mackay region has, the blue represents ocean coast line, the yellow represents the dry areas, the brown represents dry inland and the green represent the lush tropical rainforest.

The turtles and fish pay respect to the First Nations people on the coast, connecting them to the continued culture and totem systems sustaining for over 65,000 years. There are twenty white stars representing the 20 year anniversary for RTI.

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