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RTI’s DD-1000 Digital Slurry Density Meter is an innovative instrument that utilises gamma ray absorption technology to precisely measure the density of slurry in various process applications, including coal and cement industries.

Digital Density Nucleonic Density Measurement of Slurries, Sewerage Sludge, and Liquids

Real Time Instruments Digital Density DD-1000, an innovative nucleonic density gauge that revolutionises density measurement for slurries, sewerage sludge, and liquids. With its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly iPad interface, this advanced gauge offers unparalleled control and accuracy.

The ultimate solution for non-intrusive and reliable density measurement in metallurgical accounting. This gauge provides precise density or percentage of solids measurements for liquids or slurries flowing through pipes. It revolutionises density monitoring in processing plants, enabling optimal productivity, preventing blockages, and ensuring accurate material flow throughout the supply chain.

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Digital Density

Density measurement for metallurgical accounting.

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Nucleonic Density Meters Precision Measurement for Slurry Density Control of slurries, sewerage sludge, and liquids

Accurate density measurement of slurries in industrial process control is critical in optimising operational efficiency and product quality. Nucleonic density meters, also known as slurry density meters, have emerged as a powerful tool for obtaining precise density readings in mining, mineral processing, and wastewater treatment industries. We will explore the working principle, advantages, and applications of nucleonic density meters designed explicitly for slurry density measurement.

Digital Density Nucleonic density meters utilise nuclear radiation technology to measure the density of slurry mixtures. These advanced instruments employ gamma- or gamma backscatter radiation principles to determine the slurry’s density accurately. By emitting gamma rays from a sealed radioactive isotope, the nucleonic slurry density meter measures the intensity of the scattered or absorbed radiation, enabling precise calculation of the slurry density.

Utilising the latest communication technology, the DD-1000 gamma slurry gauge is the most advanced digital density meter on the market. It is highly accurate and easy to set up, calibrate, and maintain.

DD-1000 Digital Density Gauge Features

  • IP-67-rated stainless steel construction
  • Full access and control via iPad® application HMI interface
  • The drop-tested and fire-tested source holder

The DD-1000 is the most advanced and easy-to-use density gauge currently available.

The DD-1000 gamma slurry density meter is the easiest and most practical slurry density analyser to set up, calibrate, and maintain. Every gauge function, including detailed diagnostics and graphical data trending, is accessed wirelessly via an iPad® application interface. This is the only digital density gauge currently on the market that utilises the iPad® app system as an HMI, thus providing unparalleled practicality and ease of use.

The Apple iPad® and application software are included in the total package. The iPad® is housed in an IP-67-rated casing, making it waterproof, dustproof, and shock-resistant.

The iPad® App includes:

  • Graphical trending of SG and Reference
  • Full Operator’s Manual
  • Access to all set-up parameters
  • Calibration
  • Detailed Detector Diagnostics
  • Logging of data

Source Holder

The source holder supplied with the DD-1000 is at the forefront of safety design, featuring:

  • Solid Steel or Stainless Steel construction
  • Fully drop-tested and fire-tested
  • Rated to 500mCurie (Cs-137)

Additional Features of Digital Density

  • IP67 Rated stainless steel construction
  • Integral backlit LCD showing counts and SG (specific gravity)
  • Automatic gain stabilisation
  • Universal mounting bracket
  • Physical “standard density” check plate*, which can be engaged at any time to check the Density Gauge’s operation (*optional accessory)

Complete Radiation Service

Importantly, RTI Digital Density can take care of all site radiation requirements, including:

  • Installation and set-up
  • Calibration
  • Scheduled wipe tests to comply with regulation standards
  • Source acquisition
  • Source disposal

The DD-1000 gamma density meters offered by RTI combines advanced technology, a user-friendly interface, and comprehensive radiation services to provide a highly accurate and reliable solution for slurry analysis in various industries.

Advantages of Digital Density Nucleonic Slurry Density Meters



The operator can stand in a safe and
convenient location instead of having
to move between gauge sample point
and the integrator.


Setup, calibration, and trending of
reference and SG, in-depth
detector diagnostics.


Intuitive and easy to use iPad interface
with built-in help manual.


One iPad can connect to multiple
gauges. Records from all gauges
are stored on the iPad; select the
gauge of interest from the menu.


Accurate Measurement in Challenging Environments: Slurry density meters excel at providing highly accurate measurements, even in challenging industrial environments. The nuclear radiation-based technology allows for reliable and repeatable density readings unaffected by viscosity, temperature, or particle size distribution. This accuracy is essential for industries that rely on precise slurry density control to optimise processes and minimise operational variations.

Non-Invasive and Real-Time Monitoring: Nucleonic slurry density meters offer non-invasive and real-time monitoring capabilities. They do not require physical contact with the slurry, eliminating any disruption to the process flow. The meters can be installed in pipelines or vessels, allowing for continuous monitoring of slurry density without interfering with the operational workflow. Real-time monitoring enables operators to adjust immediately to maintain optimal density levels and improve process efficiency.

Process Optimisation and Cost Savings: By utilising nucleonic density meters, industries can achieve process optimisation and cost savings. Accurate density measurement allows for precise control of slurry properties, ensuring consistent product quality and reducing material waste. Optimal slurry density control contributes to energy efficiency and operational cost savings by avoiding unnecessary reprocessing or overconsumption of additives. These meters provide the necessary data for fine-tuning process parameters and optimising overall operating performance.

Wide Range of Slurry Applications: Nucleonic slurry density meters find applications across various industries and processes. They are commonly used in mining and mineral processing for monitoring and controlling slurry density during flotation, leaching, and tailings management. These meters are also employed in wastewater treatment, ceramics, and cement production industries, where precise slurry density control is crucial for achieving desired results.

Compliance with Safety Regulations: Safety is paramount when working with nucleonic density meters. These instruments are designed with strict safety measures and comply with regulatory standards to protect operators and the surrounding environment. The radioactive sources used in these meters are sealed and shielded, preventing any radiation exposure. Regular maintenance, adherence to safety protocols, and compliance with regulatory requirements are crucial for safe and reliable operation.

Nucleonic slurry density meters provide a reliable and accurate solution for measuring and controlling slurry density in various industries. With their non-invasive nature, real-time monitoring capabilities, process optimisation benefits, a wide range of applications, and compliance with safety regulations, these meters offer invaluable advantages for industries reliant on precise slurry density control. By incorporating Digital Density into their processes, businesses can achieve enhanced productivity, improved product quality, and cost savings, giving them a competitive edge in today’s demanding industrial landscape.
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