Density DD-1000 Coal Processing

Density measurement for metallurgical accounting. The Real Time Instruments DD-100 digital density gauge is a non-intrusive, non-contact reliable density transmitter using nuclear technology to accurately measure the density or percentage of solids of a liquid or slurry in pipes. The measurement of the density allows for accurate control of critical processes within a processing plant to optimise productivity, prevent blockages and account for material flow throughout the supply chain.

iPad Interface:

Control multiple gauges using 1 iPad®; records from all gauges are stored on the iPad®, just select the Gauge of interest from the menu.

  • Detailed Help Manual within the App
  • Powerful Setup, Calibration and Diagnostic functions
  • Graphical display of SG ; view trend in real time (data logging interval adjustable)
  • Histogram Display of reference trend for last 10 water calibrations, showing % variance
  • Ability to enter an offset “on-the-fl y” if needed to bring the Gauge reading into line with “known” SG
  • Full detector spectrum plot for in-depth diagnosis as well as detector resolution and interrogation.
  • All data downloadable via iTunes® for backup purposes and more…
Density DD 1000 Products at Realtime Instruments

DD-1000 Digital Density Gauge in the Coal processing industry

The DD-1000 gauge can measure and enable control of various processes within a coal processing plant such as

  • Density control of DMS or HMS circuits.
  • Cyclone and spiral feed control
  • Thickner underflow measurement
  • Concentration determination of slurries
  • Plant metallurgical balance

The intuitive iPad interface allows for seamless connection to the gauge enabling the monitoring of data, calibration and output parameters of the gauge remotely.


Theory of Operation

Gamma attenuation is the primary technology used for determination of density within a pipe. A radioactive isotope mounted on one side of the pipe or vessel emits a collimated beam of radiation aimed at a scintillation detector mounted on the opposite side. The source is mounted inside a steel encased, lead filled housing and clamped to the pipe or vessel. The source housing is equipped with slideable source shutter block which allows for standardisation and calibration of the gauge. In addition to calibration purposes, the shutter also allows for blocking and containing the radiation inside the source holder to protect workers in situations where maintenance is required in close proximity to the gauge. Energy emitted by the source is transmitted through the pipe or vessel and the process material and as the density of the material increases or decreases the amount of energy reaching the detector mounted on the opposite side will also increase or decrease. Converting this change in energy detected by the scintillation detector into a density measurement enables operators to make rapid control changes to achieve a desired operational outcome to upstream or downstream processes.


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