Digital Point Level – Cement Production

The DD-1000 Digital Point Level systems is an advanced nucleonic level gauge from Real Time Instruments. The unique iPad interface allows operators to seamlessly connect remotely to the gauge for control over functionality, control parameters and calibration of the system. The gauge is typically applied for point level detection of all solids and slurry materials. Uses include, level detection on tanks, surge bins, chutes, autoclaves and cyclones to name but a few.

Digital Point Level in Different Industry at Realtime Instruments

DD-1000 Point Level system in the Coal mining Industry

The gauge can be applied to various process equipment to detect high and low levels of material within the process. The uses and applications of the gauge are varied and wherever a requirement exists for point level measurement of slurries or solids, the gauge can be applied to control these levels to the desired point. The gauge is used to detect chute blockages in mining operations which would normally result in significant spillage and clean up resulting in lost production. It can also be applied to detect high and low levels of material in dump chutes to direct trucks to unload material or not. The gauge has been proven to effectively protect apron feeders below crushers in preventing dump trucks unloading loads consisting of big lumps which could drop straight onto the feeder belt causing damage and unwanted downtime. When a low level is detected, the dumping of sand prior to dump truck unloading can prevent large lumps of material falling directly onto the belt and causing damage. The gauge is un-affected by dust or falling rocks and is a non-intrusive measurement device.

Theory of Operation

The unit operates on the principle of gamma attenuation. As the material builds up inside the hopper, chute etc. the collimated signal is blocked by the material and the detector does not detect radiation. The electronic control module then is switched to N/O or N/C depending on setting during commissioning.

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