Value Proposition

RTI customers count on the GammaScan and GammaScan Duo for greater control over ore and other materials – assuring product delivery to within 1% of the desired set point to achieve the fastest and most accurate on-belt ash, moisture and calorific value analysis without the use of a radioisotope.

State-of-the-art natural gamma measurement and microwave technologies, will give customers better visibility and control over product grade, saving millions in penalties and helping prevent breakdowns, while maximising productivity.

This technology has applications across coal mining, sorting, washing and blending and cleaner power generation. In addition, it finds use in protection at the infeed of food production milling facilities.

GammaScan – DUO Coal Mining

GammaScan DUO real time data on coal quality provides better control and drives operational decisions regarding the use and management of the resource within coal fired power stations.

Sampling and laboratory analysis only provide a “snapshot” or “average” of the past whilst GammaScan can provide a vision into the future outcomes of coal quality management.

GammaScanDuo’s many practical design features make it by far the simplest Online Coal Ash, Moisture and CV analyser to install, calibrate and operate.

GammaScan – DUO in Different Industry at Realtime Instruction

GammaScan Non Nucleonic Coal Analyser

GammaScanDuoTM provides instantaneous, continuous, on-belt CV-in-coal data for real-time process control.

  • Rapid return on investment through reduced laboratory analysis, and optimisation of plant operation in real time
  • Suited for all coal types
  • No maximum bed depth;
  • Rugged – designed for harsh environments – mine, washplant, powerplant
  • Non-contact technique – no wear components
  • Low ongoing maintenance
  • SAFE: No radioactive sources used; uses the natural radioactivity of the coal
  • 3G interface for comprehensive remote diagnostics by RTI engineers, independent of client IT infrastructure
  • Easy menu driven touchscreen HMI for all setup, calibration, and results
  • No laptop connection required
  • Very easy setup virtually eliminates “set up error” – a major reason for poor performance in other Analysers
  • All standard communications protocols supported. Seamless, hassle-free plant integration

GammaScan Non Nucleonic Coal Analyzer

Theory of Operation

The GammaScanDuoTM Analyser is an on-line “natural gamma and low level microwave” CV (Calorific Value) measurement system which is easily installed on conveyor belts.
The system does not contain any nucleonic sources and therefore does not require a radiation licence for its use. The GammaScanDuoTM measures moisture and the low levels of naturally occurring gamma radiation in the coal being transported on a conveyor. This radiation mainly arises from elements like U, K, and Th which are naturally present in coal. The amount of these elements present has been shown to correlate well with the amount of the main Ash forming elements (Si, Fe, Al, Ca) and so the gamma count rate correlates to ash content.
By combining the ash measurement with moisture measurement using the MoistScan analyser, tonnage and the DAFV (Dry Ash Free Value) of the coal CV can accurately be determined.

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