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MARS - Metal Automated Removal System Tramp Metal Remover

In the dynamic world of coal mining, efficiency isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a necessity. Coal mining plants must navigate many challenges to maximise productivity, and one of the often-overlooked obstacles is tramp metal in coal. Mars – Metal Automated Removal System Tramp Metal Remover is a game-changing solution revolutionising coal mining operations.

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Most effective Tramp metal removal without belt stoppages.

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How the Mars Metal Automated Removal System, together with RTI, addresses these challenges:

  • Cutting-Edge Detection

This system employs advanced technology, including an online coal moisture analyser, to detect tramp metal within the coal stream. It identifies the presence of metal and monitors coal moisture content in real-time.

  • Precision Removal

The Mars Metal Removal System swings into action once tramp metal is detected. It utilises automated mechanisms to remove unwanted materials from the coal flow, thereby minimising equipment damage and ensuring product quality.

  • Minimal Downtime

Thanks to its automated functionality, this system significantly reduces downtime caused by tramp metal incidents. This translates to increased operational efficiency and substantial cost savings for your coal mining plant.

Why tramp metal remover in the coal industry is a matter of concern. Tramp metal comprises unintended metallic materials such as nails, bolts, tools, or even fragments of machinery that find their way into the coal mining process. The presence of tramp metal can wreak havoc on coal mining operations for several reasons:

  • Equipment Damage

Tramp metal can jam crushers, damage conveyor belts, and lead to costly repairs and downtime.

  • Quality Control

It can contaminate the coal product, leading to lower quality and reduced market value. Maintaining consistent coal moisture content is crucial for producing high-quality coal.

  • Safety Hazards

Metal debris in the coal stream poses serious safety risks for workers and equipment operators.

MORE of this:

  • Greater Profits
  • Enhanced Crusher Protection
  • Increased Tonnage
  • Improved Uptime
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Elevated Worker Productivity
  • Extended Belt Life
  • Prolonged Motor Life

and LESS of this:

  • Belt Stops
  • Crusher Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Human Errors
  • Overtime Costs
  • Electricity Consumption
  • Downtime

By effectively removing tramp metal, the Mars Metal Removal System significantly reduces the risk of equipment damage and the associated safety hazards. This contributes to a safer working environment, ensuring the well-being of your coal mining plant personnel.

Metal Automated Removal System Tramp Metal Remover and RTI are transformative solutions for coal mining plants. It enhances efficiency, safeguards product quality, and prioritises safety. By investing in this cutting-edge technology; coal mining operations can minimise downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and maintain consistent coal moisture content, ensuring a prosperous and sustainable future in the industry. With Real Time Instruments, you can embark on a journey towards a more efficient and secure coal mining plant operation.

Mars Physical Specification

Dimensions Length: 12 feet
Width: (Belt width + 12 inches)
Height: 6.5 feet
Weight Range 2,000 to 4,000 pounds
Components Upper Structure: Reinforced for added stability and functionality.
Base: Robust and well-balanced for secure equipment placement.
Flattening Bed: Precision-engineered for efficient material processing.
Discharge Chute: Designed for controlled material flow and safety.
Plough Blade: Heavy-duty plough blade for effective material handling.
Structure Constructed from high-strength welded tubed steel and steel plates for exceptional durability and longevity.
Finish Coated with a premium shop primer and two coats of industrial enamel in safety yellow.

Electrical Specifications

Power Supply Voltage: 120V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Phase: 1 phase
Enclosure NEMA 12 standard enclosure for enhanced protection against dust, dirt, and non-corrosive liquids. Custom enclosures are available upon request to meet specific environmental requirements.
Control System Process Controller (Micro Processor): An advanced microprocessor-based control system for precise and automated operation.
– Offers real-time monitoring and adjustment of the flattening process.
– Ensures efficient material processing and minimises downtime.
Delay Control (Adjustable): Allows operators to set a delay period for specific process requirements.
Duration Control (Adjustable): Provides adjustable settings for controlling the duration of the flattening process.
Distance Adjustment: Enables users to set the optimal distance between the metal detector and the material processing unit, ensuring accurate metal detection and removal.
Shift Register: Incorporates a shift register mechanism that handles multiple metal hits detected by the metal detector. This feature:
– Automatically overrides the blade-down duration.
– Ensures the efficient removal of multiple metal objects from the material stream.
12V Supply for Metal Detector Relay: Provides a 12V supply to the metal detector relay, ensuring a stable and reliable connection for metal detection. A dry contact is required from the metal detector for seamless integration.

Functional Specifications

Blade Cycle Time (Blade Up/Down) Adjustable cycle time ranging from 3 to 5 seconds, allowing for flexibility based on material and operational requirements.
Warning System/ Warning Horn 120 decibels
Air Tank Equipped with an air reservoir featuring an inlet check valve, drain cock, and safety valve to maintain consistent and safe air pressure.
Air Volume (SCFM) The system requires a minimum of 24 Standard Cubic Feet per Minute (SCFM) to operate efficiently. A 5 HP air compressor is recommended to meet this demand.
Air Cylinder Size-based air cylinder, ranging from 4″ to 8″ in diametre, designed for robust and precise blade movement.
Plough Blade Constructed from durable steel with an adjustable rubber snow plough blade to accommodate wear and extend the blade’s lifespan.
Air Components Air Cylinder: For controlled blade movement.
Air Valve: Enables precise air control for blade operation.
Filter: Ensures clean and debris-free compressed air.
Regulator: Allows for precise adjustment of air pressure.
Lubricator: Provides essential lubrication to maintain the air system’s performance.
Air Pressure Gauge: Offers real-time monitoring of air pressure for optimal operation.

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