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Keeping production up and running is essential to your operation. Equipment damage caused by tramp metal not only costs you time and money in replacing damaged equipment, but most importantly it costs you production time. Tectron Metal Detectors are designed to protect expensive crushers, grinders, saws and other downstream equipment from metallic contaminants while minimising false trips. We offer a wide variety of detectors and sensitivities to choose from so you can be sure that you’re getting the right detector for the application, all with a 3 year warranty. Known for manufacturing the most reliable metal detectors for bulk material handling and with over 40 years experience, you can rely on the most trusted name in the industry.

Tectron Product in Different Industry at Realtime Instruments

Tectron Metal Detection

  • Aggregate: Protects Impact Crushers
  • Asphalt: Protects Impact Crushers
  • Mining: Protects Impact Crushers
  • Wood Chip: Protects Hogs and Impact Crushers
  • Waste Wood: Protects Hogs and Impact Crushers

Theory of Operation

There are currently two methods for detecting tramp metal; Inductance or Eddy current technology. There are specific advantages and diss-advantages for both systems but the most preferred method is Eddy current. Eddy current has some specific advantages like:

  • detection is not dependant on the location of the tramp metal in the burden of material
  • ability to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • not affected by water on the conveyor.

The Eddy current principle allows for the use of a single coil (Flat Pack) or double coil arrangement. In the flatpack system the transmitter and receiver coil is mounted under the belt in a single unit. The double coil arrangement requires the installation of a transmitter coil above the belt and receiver coil below the carry belt.

The transmitter coils transmit a pulse of energy which is absorbed by the material on the belt. After the pulse is transmitted the material radiates the absorbed energy as an eddy current. The volume of energy and its rate of decay is specific to the material on the belt. If tramp metal exists its rate of decay would be different to the non tramp material and the sophisticated electronics can discern the difference in signal between the two and detect the presence of tramp metal.

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