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The Global Leader in Bulk material mass measurement. WeighScan high-accuracy conveyor belt scales to suit a broad spectrum of industry applications, which means we can weigh material where nobody else can.

WeighScan Microprocessor-based Weighing Transmitter 


Real Time Instruments manufactures a range of high-accuracy conveyor belt scales to suit a broad spectrum of industry applications, which means we can weigh material where nobody else can.

Using the advanced WeighScan microprocessor-based weighing transmitter to compute rate (T/H) and totalised tons along with instantaneous belt load (kg/m) and speed (m/sec) indications. The descriptive and user-friendly graphical touchscreen interface allows easy operation without referring to the manual.

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WeighScan Bulk material mass measurement for metallurgical accounting.

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Accuracy and maintenance

The ProWeigh range of scales continues to perform with impressive results in the harshest mining environments. Requiring little or no maintenance while maintaining accuracy over extended periods of time.

ProWeigh scales are the first choice at mine sites the world over where reduced maintenance and re-calibration is a requirement.


Each weigh frame is supplied with an onboard test weight to facilitate calibration checks. Operated by one person, the calibration check is repeatable, accurate and safe. The WeighScan microprocessor-based weighing
transmitter’s user-friendly calibration menu provides As-Found error and correction tracking.

WeighScan Applications

• R.O.M. Run of Mine
• Custody transfer
• Ore accounting
• Inventory control
• Up to 2400mm belt widths
• Heavy-duty applications
• Varying belt load
• Low bulk density materials
e.g. coal, wood chips,
bagasse and the like.

Belt Speed Sensor

Since the belt speed measurement is just as important as the mass, we offer a high-resolution digital encoder. The rugged design ensures reliable operation in heavy-duty applications. The IP65 aluminium enclosure seals the electronics from the harsh environment.

A high wear-resistant wheel is in contact with the underside of the feed belt for actual material velocity measurement. The drive unit is also equipped with a self-aligning hinge to follow belt direction, belt lift and sag. RT2000 – high accuracy belt speed sensor. Rugged design for extended life under harsh mining conditions.

HMI (Human Machine Interface)

Purposely designed for ease of use, the RTI WeighScan microprocessor-based weighing
transmitter incorporates an industrial graphical touch screen with an intuitive menu allowing engineers full and unimpeded access to powerful features with little or no training.

The WeighScan microprocessor-based weighing transmitter is supplied as standard with all RTI ProWeigh® weigh frames and also allows an easy upgrade path for legacy systems, regardless of their configuration. Single or multiple loadcells are monitored individually by the WeighScan weighing transmitter via its independent loadcell input channels. This feature facilitates health monitoring of individual loadcells via historical trends. In addition, the measurement system can ignore a damaged load cell, eliminating erroneous load calculations resulting from a single damaged cell.

The WeighScan weighing transmitter will continue to report belt load and feed rates from the remaining loadcells until the damaged cell can be replaced, e.g. during a shutdown. Remote monitoring, diagnostics, and remote factory support may be provided via the built-in 3G/4G modem.

WeighScan weighing transmitter also features a logging function, recording operational data and alarm conditions for up to 3 months, which may be used for diagnostic purposes. The data can also be downloaded in CSV format for archiving and reporting purposes.

WeighScan Specifications

ProWeigh Weighbridge

Construction Two, four and six weigh idler, counterbalanced, approach, retreat weigh frames of welded mild steel with maintenance-free pivots.
Mounting Stringer mounted, low profile mounts in place of standard conveyor idlers. Belt widths from 450mm to 2400mm.
Idlers For best accuracy, weigh class idlers are recommended on the weighbridge as well as two or three before and after the weighing area.
Accuracy < +/-0,25% on approved installations.

WeighScan Weighing Transmitter

Mounting Field/wall mount in single or double door enclosure.
Construction Powder-coated mild steel enclosure.
Protection IP65 weatherproof enclosure.
Power Supply • 90 to 250Vac (auto-switch mode)
• 50/60Hz
• 50VA
Outputs • 4 x analogue outputs – 4 – 20 mA (1kΩ max.). Programmable to flow rate, belt speed and belt loading. Bulk material density and volumetric flow rates are available when used in conjunction with a profile scanner.
Programmable for either rate (T/H) or Control.
• 1 x Volt free relay contact.
Rating 1 A at max. 30 Vdc.
Programmable for either remote totalisation or sampler control.
• 1 x RS232 and RS485 Modbus comms output.
Inputs 2 x analog inputs. Programmable for allow for use with a moisture analyser or profile scanner for calculation of “dry tons” or bulk density and volumetric flow rates.
Serial Communications options – Ethernet (Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP)
– ProfiBus DP/PA
– ModBus RTU
– DeviceNet
– Allen Bradley Remote I/O

Load Sensor

Mounting Mounted under tension, providing immunity to load shifts. Built in protection against overload and shock.
Quantity and type Single, stainless steel precision beam type load cell.
Protection IP68 hermetically sealed.
Excitation 5Vdc +5% (from WeighScan).
Output 2mV/V +0.1%.
Overload Safe 150%, Ultimate 300%.

Speed Sensor

Construction Aluminium housing with high wear-resistant drive wheel.
Type High accuracy digital encoder (2,000 pulses/Rev).
Mounting Non-driven pulley stub shaft or via drive wheel in contact with belt.
Protection IP65.
Excitation 12-30Vdc (from WeighScan).
Low Speed range 0.1 to 25m/min (0.0016 to 0.417m/sec).
Standard Speed range 25 to 600m/min (0.417 to 10m/sec).
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