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Using Moisture & Elemental Analysis in Cement Processing

RTI’s Cement customers rely on our ability to provide on-line, real-time, highest-fidelity data around the composition and grade of materials. As such as highly-engineered product, cement is produced within stringent parameters. RTI’s moisture analysis and elemental analysis technology, namely our AllScan and MoistScan analysers, enables full, to-the-minute visibility over the precise blend of materials.

Cement Realtime Instruments - RTi


What are the value benefits of Real Time Instruments

With the capacity to identify, analyse and measure the composition of more than 60 elements, the concentration of materials such as silicon, iron and aluminium, can be traced, and ore blending and sorting adjusted, as soon as a deviation from specification is noticed. The RTI technology is also effective in rogue element detection, identifying too high or too low levels of elements which can compromise the integrity of the final product.

From stockpile management through to blending and re-blending, reclamation, and final output, RTI’s MoistScan, AllScan, n-Gen, and Slurry technology are critical in empowering cement operations with the visibility and control over their bulk material handling and processing. While the efficiencies are evident, this technology has been proven effective as part of integrated solutions to boost productivity, shore up product integrity, and save costs in minimizing the production of sub-standard product while also having the ability to reclaim material that might otherwise have been wasted.

Read how RTI has saved its customers time and money in this sector by downloading our case studies!


Integrated Solutions

  • Stockpile management
  • Ore sorting / blending / dilution
  • Ore grade control
  • Tailings management
  • Elemental Analysis & Measurement
  • Ash Analysis & Measurement
  • Moisture Analysis & Measurement
  • Environmental Compliance and Net Zero Target Monitoring
  • Governance and Compliance Reporting
  • Clean Power Generation
  • Risk Mitigation and Safety Improvement
  • Rogue Element Detection (eg. Hg, S, As, Se, Cn)

Moisture & Elemental Analysis Equipment


AllScan Cf-252

The world’s most advanced PGNAA analyzer.

AllScan n-Gen

The smartest neutron generation elemental analyser in the world

AllScan n-Gen Analyzer - RTi

AllScan – Slurry

The world’s most advanced PGNAA analyzer.


Designed to be practical, the AshScan is simple to install, set-up and calibrate.

AshScan – DUO

Designed to be practical, the AshScan is simple to install, set-up and calibrate.

MoistScan 500 Brand Logo - RTI

Advanced moisture measurement solution for any bulk material transported on conveyors

MoistScan 500 Brand Logo - RTI
MoistScan 500HDi Brand Logo - RTI
MoistScan 500HD Brand Logo - RTI

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