Building Intuitive Solutions For Liquid Storage

From the monitoring and predictive maintenance of stock levels, through to the composition and grade, and even the management of environmental and risk protocols, RTI Real Time Instruments delivers a range of solutions via our comprehensive suite of world-leading point level, density, and telemetry applications, as well as our elemental analysers and moisture analysers.

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Customers work closely with our team of RTI analysis experts from the first point of contact, right through delivery, commissioning and servicing to ensure the solution we provide is applied and calibrated to your site and systems’ exact needs.

RTI works with customers to build intuitive solutions for the management of standard liquid storage, as well as the monitoring and analysis of tailings, waste liquid and slurries.

Read how RTI has saved its customers time and money in this sector by downloading our case studies!

Moisture & Elemental Analysis Equipment

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AllScan – Slurry

The world’s most advanced PGNAA analyzer.

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Digital Point Level

Contactless level measurement on chutes and hoppers.

Density DD-1000

Density measurement for metallurgical accounting.

DDensity Products at Realtime Instruments
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Application Assessment

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Commissioning & Calibration

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Service & Support

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Custom Design Solutions

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Research & Development

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