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Royalty decision puts acute focus on cost savings in coal

As debate continues around the decision to increase royalties paid by Queensland coal miners, the industry supply chain is focused on delivering real, effective, and sustainable solutions to operations. In many ways, identifying and delivering industry and community value through our solutions is situation normal for RTI – Real Time Instruments. For almost 20 years,

Solutions-based approach for new RTI CEO

WORLD class innovation, and harnessing new technologies to deliver sustainable real-world solutions, is what Jason Fisher gets super excited about. It’s one of the reasons the seasoned, METS-focused leader is the perfect fit for one of the world’s leading METS sector elemental and moisture analysis companies, RTI - Real Time Instruments. Taking the reins of

Small measures of change make big differences to sustainable operations

It is the smallest percentages of change having the biggest effect on operations, across the world’s resource mining and processing operations. That is the premise of RTI – Real Time Instruments’ suite of elemental and moisture analysers. As traditional, new, and critical mineral mining sectors walk a tightrope – managing the rapid need to scale

World-first technology at heart of Innovation Partnership

CLEANER, safer, world-leading technology - pitted to play a critical role in the mining sector’s ability to transition to net zero carbon emissions - is at the centre of the latest Resource Centre of Excellence (RCoE) Innovator in Residence tenure. Mackay-based company, RTI – Real Time Instruments, develops and manufactures on-conveyor, elemental, and moisture analysers

Net-Zero targets and n-Gen technology the focus of Minister’s visit to RTI

The journey to net-zero carbon emissions - and the role played by METS companies such as RTI – Real Time Instruments’ - was a key topic of discussion during a visit to the company’s world head office in Mackay by Federal Resources Minister Keith Pitt. Joined by LNP candidate for the seat of Dawson, Andrew

RTI looks forward, bolstered by past challenges

As a new year starts to ramp up, it is interesting to look back on how 2021 might have stacked up against a tumultuous 2020.

2020’s Officer of the Chief Economist’s Resource and Energy December 2020 Quarterly stated:

“The outlook for Australia’s energy and resource commodity exports has improved overall since our last report in September, despite further waves…

RTI Welcomes New CEO

PRAANESH PRASAD has stepped up to the crease and is planning a gainful innings as he takes on the role of CEO at RTI – Real Time Instruments.

A mechanical engineer by profession – and yes, a self-confessed cricket tragic – Praanesh has spent the past 25 years immersed in the mining and minerals processing sector.

Real trade in real time stokes RTI’s Indian connections

INDIA’s strengthening economy and reliance upon Australian resource sector technology has opened the doors of opportunity for Australian regionally- based METS business, Real Time Instruments (RTI).

It’s what makes the company’s seat at the Australian India Business Exchange (AIBX) 2021 India Business Mission vital to further expansion into the subcontinent’s market.