Small measures of change make big differences to sustainable operations

It is the smallest percentages of change having the biggest effect on operations, across the world’s resource mining and processing operations.

That is the premise of RTI – Real Time Instruments’ suite of elemental and moisture analysers.

As traditional, new, and critical mineral mining sectors walk a tightrope – managing the rapid need to scale up with the commensurate need to keep costs down – it’s the technology, innovation and collaboration taking place at the smaller end of the sector which is leading the way.

By smallest, we are talking single digit percentage improvements, and by biggest we are talking tens of millions of dollars.

RTI – Real Time Instruments has brought together a potent mix of team smarts, highest-tech kit, and its world-spanning customer reach to deliver exactly this brand of solution.

Across sectors, commodities, and geography, RTI’s gear is living up to the company’s value promise of Maximum Yield and Real-Time Results.

Their AllScan, MoistScan, AshScan, GammaScan and world-first AllScan n-Gen are enabling customers to make intelligent decisions in real time.

This means operations can recover more, waste less and have full visibility and control.

The examples of this are plenty.

In an Iron Ore application, the commissioning of an AllScan to improve stockpile management resulted in a 5% productivity lift – just from being able to make incremental adjustments to optimise ore sorting and bulk material stockpiling.

The customer reported that “by tailoring an integrated solution using the AllScan, our customer was able monitor their stockpile in real time, blend product to specification, and not ‘give away’ any high-quality iron ore.”

“The ability to blend high-grade ore with regular ore, to create a superior product, in larger quantities, resulted in a profit increase of approximately 5%; and a significant improvement to revenue.”

Then, take the MoistScan. Again, in Iron Ore stockpile management (to compare apples with apples), RTI worked with the customer to enable more effective management of high moisture events.

The result was a complete eradication of ‘high moisture events’, going so far as using the MoistScan to automate the plant.

By preventing the constant plant downtime, an average of 13 hours of production have been recovered – which equated to about $2.7M – per month.

When throughput is 2,100-plus tonnes/hour, that adds up to millions of dollars in recovered revenue.

It’s technology like RTI’s – and applications like those mentioned above, which have been tested and validated during the past two decades – that proves any attention paid to even the slightest of dial-shifts can deliver massive gains in the mining and resources sector.

This is a sector navigating an era of downward cost pressures and a somewhat bumpy road to cleaner/greener practices – against a backdrop of unprecedented market anomalies.

It’s here that businesses like RTI can shift the dial. And even the smallest incremental shifts, when scaled to our world’s biggest resource operations, can achieve massive outcomes.

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