Delivering Real-Time Data To Improve Port Management & Shipping

Just about every commodity, at some point is loaded on to or off a ship!

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What are the value benefits of Real Time Instruments

Shipping and Transportation – be it by road, rail or bulk carrier – is a critical factor in getting any commodity to market. Port and bulk material handling customers throughout the world have come to rely on RTI – Real Time instruments’ suite of elemental analysers and moisture analysers to deliver the real-time high-fidelity data to enable critical decision making with confidence and immediacy. This has saved customers millions of dollars in unnecessary penalties, helped reduce waste and maximise yield – while mitigating against some of the risks which come with long-haul, international bulk material shipping.

RTI’s team of expert engineers and industry leaders has a proven record of working with ports, port customers and tier-one EPCs to help develop the best solutions to challenges facing individual operations.

Whether it be stockpile management and material blending, liquefaction management and minimization, or ore grade control, RTI can apply its world-leading tech to achieve the best outcome – from pit to port and beyond!

Read how RTI has saved its customers time and money in this sector by downloading our case studies!

Moisture & Elemental Analysis Equipment

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AllScan Cf-252

The world’s most advanced PGNAA analyzer.

AllScan n-Gen

The smartest neutron generation elemental analyser in the world

AllScan n-Gen Analyser at Realtime Instruments

AllScan – Slurry

The world’s most advanced PGNAA analyzer.


Moist Scan
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Advanced moisture measurement solution for any bulk material transported on conveyors

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Digital Point level

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Digital Point Level in Cement Production at Realtime Instruments

Digital Point Level

Contactless level measurement on chutes and hoppers.

Density DD-1000

Density measurement for metallurgical accounting.

DDensity Products at Realtime Instruments


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Application Assessment

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Commissioning & Calibration

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Service & Support

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Custom Design Solutions

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Research & Development

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