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The Global leader in elemental analysis. AllScan high-performance Cross Belt Elemental Analyser combines rugged construction with the most recent advances in PGNAA technology.

AllScan The Smart Next Generation PGNAA Cross-belt Elemental Coal Analyser

Improve efficiency, maximise recovery, and keep your inputs or product within specification with RTI’s AllScan cross-belt elemental analyser. For real-time, on-line optimisation and monitoring of your material processing operations, the AllScan will deliver the quality data you need to make critical decisions.

Purpose-built for the demanding mining and mineral processing environment, AllScan’s rapid deployment, high availability, and sustained accuracy will help you deliver profit, cost, and compliance improvements across your operations.

Allscan Elemental Analyser - Conveyor Bridge at Real Time Instruments World Leader in Elemental and Moisture Analysis

Allscan N-Gen smartest neutron generation elemental analyser at Real Time Instruments World Leader in Elemental and Moisture Analysis

AllScan n-Gen

The smartest neutron generation elemental analyser in the world

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AllScan Cf-252

The world’s most advanced PGNAA analyser.

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AllScan Cf-252 Elemental Analyser Product at Realtime Instruments

AllScan – Slurry most advanced PGNAA analyser at Real Time Instruments the world Leader in Elemental and Moisture Analysis

AllScan – Slurry

AllScan – Slurry is The world’s most advanced PGNAA analyser.

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The Global Leader in Elemental Analysis – AllScan Cross-belt Online Elemental Analysers

RTI’s signature product is the AllScan Crossbelt elemental analyser that measures the chemical content of coal, cement, iron ore, and many minerals.

AllScan combines state-of-the-art nuclear technology with revolutionary spectrum analysis and cutting-edge statistical modelling capabilities for fast, accurate elemental analysis of bulk materials as well as crucial process parameters. When installed on a conveyor belt, AllScan provides regular elemental analysis as well as reports containing chemical composition information for bulk materials and key process parameters.

RTI has enhanced this technology with prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGNAA) technologies, making installation, calibration, setup and maintenance more straightforward and accurate than ever. The AllScan elemental analyser also incorporates Dura-G™, advanced modelling and calculation concept, which allows it to isolate environmental, belt load and profile variations from elemental variations when measuring spectra.

The elemental analyser also includes DuraSum, a powerful algorithm that eliminates the need for time-based data averaging to achieve stable results, so changes in elemental material composition are reported almost instantaneously and provide rapid operational control.

AllScan Cf-252 Elemental Analyser at Real Time Instruments The World Leader in Moisture and Elemental Analysis

New Generation PGNAA Elemental Analyser

Real Time Instruments AllScan combines rugged construction with recent advances in PGNAA technology to deliver the most affordable, accurate, and easy-to-install elemental analyser worldwide.

Why use RTI’s AllScan Online Element Analyser?

AllScan Elemental Analysers provide the ultimate solution for continuous, real-time measurement of coal quality. They achieve this by comprehensively analysing the elemental composition of a moving coal stream on a conveyor. 

This capability allows for immediate control of processes and facilitates cost savings by minimising material handling and enabling prompt decisions regarding material quality. 

PGNAA Analysers find extensive use in mining and blending operations and possess two notable advantages compared to traditional Ash Analysers:

  1. A much higher tolerance to changing coal types (e.g. from different seams), eliminating the need for multiple calibrations.
  2. They provide a wealth of information beyond just measuring Ash content. They directly measure individual elements such as Fe, Al, Si, K, S, Ti, and Ca (with the added capability of the AllScan to measure moisture directly).

PGNAA Analyser Specifications

Measurement Technique Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA).
Elements Measured Fe, Al, Si, K, S, Ti, Ca and others.
Total Ash is calculated using elements found in Ash.
Moisture and BTU Optional (MoistScan® microwave technology).
Weight 1200 – 1500kg typical.
Belt Widths 750 – 1800 standard. Larger belts are accommodated using a dual detector model.
Aperture Variable: the tunnel height should be sufficient to clear the material that flows
through it so the Element Analyser does not sustain damage from materials on the belt.
AllScan PGNAA Analysers can be easily adjusted for the appropriate tunnel height during
manufacture and installation. The customer should provide means of preventing large
rocks from striking the Elemental Analyser.
Source 20μg Cf-252 (2.6 years half-life). The source is topped up with 10μg after 2.5 years and
again after 5 years. Disposal occurs at 7.5 years.
Source Holder Automatic Source Drive with automatic fail-safe in the event of power loss, Physical Isolation Point, Complies with all radiation safety requirements.
Radiation Exposure Typically below 5μSv/hour outside and around the exterior of the Element Analyser.
Average 1.3μSv/hr on or near the catwalk beside the Analyser.
I/O Protocols Available Set up to suit the application. Standard ModBus over RS485 and 3G interface.
User Optional PLC Interface, Ethernet, Serial Communications such as Modbus.
Environmental Conditions Sensitive parts of the AllScan Element Analyser are sealed from the environment. The PGNAA Analyser is
designed to operate in all outdoor weather conditions from -10 to +50 degrees
Celsius in high or low humidity or precipitation.Power
Power Instrument quality 120/240VAC 1Ø 2400W 50/60Hz at Analyser Control Station
Control Cabinet Stainless Steel IP66 as standard.
Frame All framing members and fasteners are stainless steel.

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