AshScan Most Accurate on-belt Ash, Moisture and Calorific Analyser Value Proposition

The AshScan and AshScan Duo give RTI customers the fastest and most accurate on-belt ash, moisture and calorific value analysis in the world.

This means a tangible improvement of ash control – to within 1% of the desired set point – both in coal mining, sorting, washing and blending; as well as cleaner power generation.

State-of-the-art nuclear and microwave technologies will give customers better visibility and control over ore grade, saving millions in penalties, and maximising productivity.

AshScan – DUO

Designed to be practical, the AshScan is simple to install, set-up and calibrate.

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Designed to be practical, the AshScan is simple to install, set-up and calibrate.

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The AshScan provides real time analysis of ash and moisture content in coal that is used to improve monitoring, sorting and blending operations in:

  • Kiln feed operations
  • Processing plants
  • Coal fired power stations

AshScan is used for the applications of raw coal in mining, plant feed control, stockpile building and blending of coal to meet stringent quality requirements.

The AshScan is the most affordable, accurate and easy-to-install cross belt analyser of its kind in the world today.

Combining state-of-the-art nuclear technology (LET) the AshScan delivers accurate, minute by minute ash content analysis and reporting of Key Process Parameters such as:

  • Direct calorific value
  • Co2 emissions factor
  • Base/acid ratio
  • Fouling index
  • Slagging index
  • Ash fusion temperature
  • Moisture content
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