The World Leader in On-line Coal Ash & Moisture Analysis. AshScan On-line Coal Analyser provides real time continuous and accurate ash measurement for bulk coal streams.

AshScan Most Accurate on-belt Ash, Moisture and Calorific Analyser

The AshScan and AshScan Duo give RTI customers the fastest and most accurate on-belt ash, moisture and calorific value analysis in the world.

This means a tangible improvement of ash control – to within 1% of the desired set point – both in coal mining, sorting, washing and blending; as well as cleaner power generation.

State-of-the-art nuclear and microwave technologies will give customers better visibility and control over ore grade, saving millions in penalties, and maximising productivity.

AshScan – DUO

Designed to be practical, the AshScan is simple to install, set-up and calibrate.

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Designed to be practical, the AshScan is simple to install, set-up and calibrate.

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  • AshScan Online Coal Analyser

The AshScan Online Coal Analyser provides real-time, continuous data on the total ash content of coal in real time. Utilising dual energy transmission (DUET), known as low energy transmission technology (LET), AshScan’s Online Coal Analyser is a trusted and tested performer suitable for most coal types. Ash is comprised of oxides of silicon (Si), iron (Fe), aluminium (Al) and calcium (Ca).

The AshScan Coal Analyser measures the combined total of these elements – directly correlating with total coal ash content through two radioactive sources – Am-241 and Cs-137 DUET technique. Am-241 is a low-energy gamma radiation. Absorption of Am-241 gamma rays occurs due to the presence of Si, Fe, Al and Ca as well as by coal on a belt scale; Cs-137 gamma radiation absorbs only due to coal present on a belt scale. Normalisation allows Am-241 measurements to be calibrated against bed depth measurements, providing accurate assessments of total ash content by calibrating against laboratory-reported sample results.

The AshScan Online Coal Analyser is ideal for raw and washed coal samples where the ash chemistry is relatively consistent and bed depth does not exceed 14 inches. The AshScan’s practical design incorporates many unique features unavailable elsewhere; modern electronics, communications and human-machine interface make setup, calibration and ongoing accuracy verification straightforward – an essential feature in today’s coal and power industries.

The AshScan has become a trusted tool for accurate measurements that meet industry specifications in these sectors. It is frequently employed in Quality Control/Metallurgical Accounting.

AshScan On-Belt Moisture Ash Analyser - Real Time Instruments The World Leader in Moisture and Elemental Analysis
  • Ashscan Duo with integrated MoistScan Online Coal Moisture Analyser

The Ashscan Duo coal ash & moisture analyser has been designed to be simple to install and affordable. It can be more accurate than conventional labour-intensive techniques and provides real-time information. Ash and Moisture results are continually updated to enable control room operators to make the necessary adjustments to optimise their process. High-Performance Ash & Coal Moisture Analyser designed for the harshest conditions.

The Ash Scan Duo On-line Coal Ash & Moisture Analyser is a cutting-edge analyser that leverages two radioactive gamma sources: a high-energy gamma ray (CS-137) and a low-energy gamma ray (Am-241). By measuring the absorption of these attenuated gamma rays and incorporating microwave technology, the Ash Scan Duo can also provide online moisture measurement for the same coal cross-sectional area. These three parameters serve as the foundation for a regression equation that enables the calculation of the calorific value.

The Ash Scan Duo is widely utilised in the coal and power industries for crucial purposes such as quality control and metallurgical accounting. Its advanced capabilities make it an invaluable tool for ensuring coal’s optimal quality and performance in various applications.

The AshScan provides real time analysis of ash and moisture content in coal that is used to improve monitoring, sorting and blending operations in:

  • Kiln feed operations
  • Processing plants
  • Coal fired power stations

AshScan is used for the applications of raw coal in mining, plant feed control, stockpile building and blending of coal to meet stringent quality requirements.

The AshScan is the most affordable, accurate and easy-to-install cross belt analyser of its kind in the world today.

Combining state-of-the-art nuclear technology (LET) the AshScan delivers accurate, minute by minute ash content analysis and reporting of Key Process Parameters such as:

  • Direct calorific value
  • Co2 emissions factor
  • Base/acid ratio
  • Fouling index
  • Slagging index
  • Ash fusion temperature
  • Moisture content

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