Value Proposition

Improve efficiency, maximise recovery, and keep your inputs or product within specification with RTI’s AllScan cross-belt elemental analyser. For real-time, on-line optimisation and monitoring of your material processing operations, the AllScan Slurry will deliver the quality data you need to make critical decisions.

Purpose built for the demanding mining and mineral processing environment, AllScan’s rapid deployment, high availability, and sustained accuracy will help you deliver profit, cost, and compliance improvements across your operations.

AllScan Slurry Mineral Processing

The AllScan slurry analyser is the new benchmark in online analysis of critical slurry streams in mineral and coal processing plants.

The system does not require the sampling systems normally associated with other available technologies on the market.

AllScan – Slurry world’s most advanced PGNAA analyser

Slurry Analyser for Mineral Processing

The advantage of applying the AllScan as opposed to the Multistream XRF analyser is:

Full stream analysis reducing the effect of sampling bias.

  • Weighted error (WE)
  • Integrated error (IE1)
  • Periodic error (IE2)
  • Fundamental error (FE)
  • Grouping and segregation error (GE)
  • Delimitation (DE)
  • Extraction error (ER)
  • Preparation error (PE1)
  • Preparation error (PE2)
  • Preparation error (PE3)All of above = Total error (TE)


  • Minimal requirement for pumping and handling of slurry
  • No agitation of sampled material required
  • No requirement for flushing circuits
  • No requirement for fixed cutter cleaners
  • Minimal requirement for additional piping in the multiplexing applications
  • Direct online elemental analysis without latency in data provision
  • No moving parts with little too no maintenance requirement
  • Significantly lower cost of ownership.
  • Pro-active control capability without latency in determining:
    Elements to be analysed
    Frequency of analysis (Assay update time)


  • Improved yield
  • Reduced reagent costs
  • Reduction in waste management and cost
  • Smaller footprint resulting in reduced structural steel requirement
  • Improvement in metallurgical accounting
  • Improved recovery rate through measurement of cyclone feed and tailings disposal in real time

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