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RTI is an Australian based company specialising in on-line elemental and moisture analysis of bulk materials providing operators with process data to make pro-active real-time control decisions to improve plant efficiency and bottom-line profitability.

From our beginnings as an instrument service provider to the Australian coal industry, RTI has steadily grown and diversified into a high-tech manufacturer and supplier of on-line measurement and analysis equipment to the global mining, mineral processing, power generation, cement production and food industries. RTI’s customers range from small food processing facilities to large multinational mining and power generation companies on all continents.

With a vast global network of reputable business partners on all continents, we can provide customers with unmatched service and sales support ranging from on-site technical services to remote diagnostic and calibration expertise.

RTI’s on-line analyzers utilise the latest technology to measure the chemical composition, density, and moisture content of bulk material as the product is transported on a conveyor belt. RTI’s ability to pivot its onshore manufacturing production line, allow for easy customization to existing products to facilitate the analysis of products in hoppers, screw-feeders, chutes, and pipes in addition to standardized conveying systems.

Our Signature

Our signature product, the AllScan® Elemental Analyser, measures the chemical composition of raw material in cement production, steel production, coal, iron ore, and most minerals. MoistScan®, the world’s most popular online microwave moisture analyser, measures the moisture content in a wide range of materials. Our AshScan® coal quality analyser measures total ash content in coal. The GammaScan® also measures total ash content but does not require a nuclear source. RTI’s DD-1000 non-intrusive Digital Density Gauge measures the density of liquids and slurries in pipes. RTI service and distributes a large range of high-performance Belt Weighers, Tectron’s Tramp Metal Detectors, and the MARS Tramp Metal Removal System.

  • PGNAA Elemental Analysers
  • Neutron Generated Elemental Analysers
  • Dual Energy Coal Quality Analysers
  • Microwave Moisture Analysers
  • Tramp Metal Removal Systems
  • Belt Scales
  • Density Gauges
  • Metal Detectors

RTI's world-leading analysers equip our customers with powerful process analytics to assist in exceeding revenue, yield and production targets while reducing carbon footprint...

We help them reach Net-Zero targets through improved efficiency, tighter quality control and reduced emissions.

We collect and deliver on-line real time data to operators, meaning they can can make critical decisions - on the spot, when it matters.

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World-first technology at heart of Innovation Partnership

CLEANER, safer, world-leading technology - pitted to play a critical role in the mining sector’s ability to transition to net zero carbon emissions - is at the centre of the latest Resource Centre of Excellence (RCoE) Innovator in Residence tenure. Mackay-based company, RTI – Real Time Instruments, develops and manufactures on-conveyor, elemental, and moisture analysers ... Read more

Net-Zero targets and n-Gen technology the focus of Minister’s visit to RTI

The journey to net-zero carbon emissions - and the role played by METS companies such as RTI – Real Time Instruments’ - was a key topic of discussion during a visit to the company’s world head office in Mackay by Federal Resources Minister Keith Pitt. Joined by LNP candidate for the seat of Dawson, Andrew ... Read more

RTI looks forward, bolstered by past challenges

As a new year starts to ramp up, it is interesting to look back on how 2021 might have stacked up against a tumultuous 2020.

2020’s Officer of the Chief Economist’s Resource and Energy December 2020 Quarterly stated:

“The outlook for Australia’s energy and resource commodity exports has improved overall since our last report in September, despite further waves…