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The Real Time Instruments Story

From our beginnings as an instrument service provider to the Australian coal industry, RTI has grown and diversified, evolving into a high-tech manufacturer and supplier of on-line measurement and analysis equipment to the global mining, mineral processing, power generation, steel, cement production and food industries.

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About Us

Maximum Yield. Real-Time Results.

RTI – Real Time Instruments has developed a world-leading suite of elemental analysers and moisture analysers which empower our customers with accurate, immediate and targeted visibility over their bulk material operations.

What’s that mean?

Intelligent decisions, in real time, to enable you to recover more, waste less and take control over your operations, using high-tech, world-leading elemental and moisture analysis.

It’s this which enables operations to achieve maximum yield, and real-time results.

Our products are designed, developed and manufactured in Mackay, in regional Queensland, and shipped to more than 1200 sites across every continent, world wide.

Our moisture analysers, elemental analysers and telemetry products are also backed by world-class service, delivered in accordance with our commitment to the kind of personal service you’d expect from a small family business – which is exactly how we started out.

World class. World leading. But committed to supporting the local communities where our analysers are making a difference.

Our People

At the heart of our success is our people. RTI harnesses our team’s world-best skills, expertise, and experience to deliver safe, sustainable, and effective outcomes to our customers, globally.

Our values – Passion, Innovation, Teamwork, and Loyalty – drive our commitment to delivering world-leading technology in concert with an unmatched level of outstanding customer service.

The RTI team’s ability to pivot our Australian onshore manufacturing production line, means we can easily customise existing products to meet our customers’ specific requirements and facilitate the analysis of products in hoppers, screw-feeders, chutes, and pipes in addition to standardised conveying systems.

RTI's world-leading analysers equip our customers with powerful process analytics to assist in exceeding revenue, yield and production targets while reducing carbon footprint...

We help them reach Net-Zero targets through improved efficiency, tighter quality control and reduced emissions.

We collect and deliver on-line real time data to operators, meaning they can can make critical decisions - on the spot, when it matters.

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Solutions-based approach for new RTI CEO

WORLD class innovation, and harnessing new technologies to deliver sustainable real-world solutions, is what Jason Fisher gets super excited about. It’s one of the reasons the seasoned, METS-focused leader is the perfect fit for one of the world’s leading METS sector elemental and moisture analysis companies, RTI - Real Time Instruments. Taking the reins of

Small measures of change make big differences to sustainable operations

It is the smallest percentages of change having the biggest effect on operations, across the world’s resource mining and processing operations. That is the premise of RTI – Real Time Instruments’ suite of elemental and moisture analysers. As traditional, new, and critical mineral mining sectors walk a tightrope – managing the rapid need to scale

World-first technology at heart of Innovation Partnership

CLEANER, safer, world-leading technology - pitted to play a critical role in the mining sector’s ability to transition to net zero carbon emissions - is at the centre of the latest Resource Centre of Excellence (RCoE) Innovator in Residence tenure. Mackay-based company, RTI – Real Time Instruments, develops and manufactures on-conveyor, elemental, and moisture analysers