Value Proposition

Improve efficiency, maximise recovery, and keep your inputs or product within specification with RTI’s AllScan n-Gen cross-belt elemental analyser. For real-time, on-line optimisation and monitoring of your material processing operations, without the need for isotope source, the AllScan n-Gen will deliver the quality data you need to make critical decisions.

Purpose built for the demanding mining and mineral processing environment, AllScan n-Gen’s neutron generator takes rapid deployment, high availability, and sustained accuracy to a new level, with elevated safety and return on investment. It will help you deliver profit, cost, and compliance improvements across your operations.

AllScan n-Gen
Coal Mining

The AllScan n-Gen analyser uses world-first neutron generation technology with ground-breaking spectra modelling and powerful statistical analysis. Installed on a conveyor belt, the AllScan delivers accurate, minute-by-minute elemental analysis and reporting of the chemical composition of bulk materials and key process parameters.

AllScan n-Gen smartest neutron generation elemental analyser

AllScan n-Gen

AllScan N-Gen is a quantum leap in analyser technology, delivering higher yields, increased returns, and lower costs for your operation.

  • World-best n-Gen analyser innovation
  • Simple, intuitive calibration
  • Lowest cost of operation in the market
  • Maximise output, minimise downtime and costs
  • Shore up site and resource sustainability

Theory of Operation

At the heart of the AllScan is Neutron Generation (n-Gen) technology. Material on the conveyor is bombarded with neutrons emitted from a radioactive isotope or neutron accelerator.

RTI has incorporated a revolutionary new neutron generator design into the AllScan n-Gen elemental analyser.

AllScan n-Gen incorporates a sophisticated algorithm - DuraG™ - that separates the effect of belt loading and profile variation on the measured spectra from the effect of elemental variation on the elemental spectra. DuraG™ dramatically reduces measurement error.

AllScan n-Gen also includes - DuraSum - a powerful algorithm that eliminates the need for time-based averaging of data in order to obtain stable results. This means that significant changes in elemental composition are reported almost instantaneously, rather than minutes later. This in turn allows for rapid operational control.

These breakthrough technologies combine with the reliability of the n-Gen measurement technique to deliver the most accurate and responsive coal elemental analyser on the market today.

New cutting edge design eliminates the need for air conditioners to cool the electronics. The AllScan package is provided in a small footprint fully contained, and is the smallest n-Gen on the market.

The AllScan n-Gen comes with an intrinsically safe auto source on/off source drive mechanism.

The generator life span is more than 10 years.

There is a constant output of neutrons, with no decay over time as with Cf-252 sources.

The only maintenance requirement is that re-gassing is required every 2.5 - 3 years. When neutrons collide with an element in the material, gamma rays are emitted with a specific energy unique to that element – in effect, creating a chemical signature for that element. The greater the amount of an element in the material the greater the number of gamma rays emitted with the corresponding specific energy. By measuring the specific energy of the gamma rays that are emitted, and the counts of gamma rays, an accurate analysis of the chemistry of the material is generated on a second-by-second basis.

The AllScan provides real time analysis of elemental composition that is used to improve monitoring, sorting and blending operations in:

  • Underground Coal Mines
  • Processing Plants
  • Coal Fired Power Stations

AllScan is used for the applications of Raw Coal, Plant Feed, Clean Coal and Blended Coal.

The AllScan is the most affordable, accurate and easy-to-install cross belt analyser analyser of its kind in the world today.

AllScan ® has two key advantages over other analysers:

  • A much higher tolerance to changing coal types (e.g. from different seems), eliminating the need for multiple calibrations
  • It provides much more information than just Ash, as it directly measures individual elements like Fe, Al, Si, K, S, Ti, Ca and other elements. The AllScan has proved results for measurement of trace elements such as P, Hg, As and Se. The AllScan also directly measures moisture.

Combining state-of-the-art nuclear technology (PGNAA) with ground spectral modelling (sophisticated algorithm DURA-G ® incorporated to dramatically reduce the measurement error), the AllScan delivers accurate, minute by minute elemental analysis and reporting of Key Process Parameters such as:

  • Direct calorific value
  • Co2 emissions factor
  • Base/Acid ratio
  • Fouling Index
  • Slagging Index
  • Ash Fusion Temperature
  • Moisture content

  • On-Line, Real Time Results
  • Pro-active vs. Re-active control of coal quality
  • Higher Performance
  • Full Elemental Plus Moisture Analysis
  • Easy to Install
  • Safe
  • Low Running Costs
  • Rugged and Reliable
  • No Air conditioner requirement
  • Flexible Input / Output Data
  • Remote Access as Standard
  • Global Reach, Global Expertise and Global Product Support

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