RTI looks forward, bolstered by past challenges

As a new year starts to ramp up, it is interesting to look back on how 2021 might have stacked up against a tumultuous 2020.

2020’s Officer of the Chief Economist’s Resource and Energy December 2020 Quarterly stated: “The outlook for Australia’s energy and resource commodity exports has improved overall since our last report in September, despite further waves of COVID-19 in many of the world’s major economies.

The markets for most minerals have tightened in recent months, as manufacturing and travel activity — and hence resource and energy commodity demand — recovers, alongside some cuts to supply.”

Tighten, the markets did. Indeed, 2021 was not as smooth sailing as many might have hoped it would be – and in the resources sector we saw many a shift, correction and stabilisation – if not outright dip – in some commodity prices and supply.

While we will eagerly await the release of the Chief Economist’s report for this year’s December Quarter, one things stands true:

The importance of sustainability, efficiency and cost effectiveness in operations – while still enabling high yields, minimal downtime, maximum uptime and first class production rates – is as great as ever.

It’s why RTI – Real Time Instruments pays acute attention to the specific needs of our customers and we work to not only meet those needs, but equip site decision makers to exceed production and throughput targets while shoring up net-zero, carbon-minimisation targets.

It’s a need which is certain to become a priority – especially in light of landmark decisions taken at #COP26 in Glasgow last month – in current world economic conditions.

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